Nature conservation

Conservation of Ng’oyo Indigenous Forest.

Through F.M.N.R. have we created a natural indigenous forest within 5 years. Forest Management Through Natural Regeneration (F.M.N.R.) allows the local trees to grow quickly from the cut down root stocks. Local communities use the forest for firewood. This happened also with the farmland we bought. But after 5 years, the trees have regrown, some more than 5/6 meters high. Many trees have resumed giving fruits, and from the local community we learn some medicinal uses of the trees: e.g. the local toothbrush tree.

Bush Fruits: Marula, Ximenia, Balanites (desert dates), Ziziphus (Jujuba).

Trees: Bauhania (gives edible seeds), Gardenia (the elephant tree: so strong that an elephant cannot push it over and break it; the elephant eats the fruits and helps in the seed multiplication of the tree).

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