Ng’oyo, and the surrounding villages, have become a resettlement of farmers after their families had gone into exile due to insecurity in the area. Since cattle rustling and tribal hostilities have ceased in Northern Uganda, people are slowly deciding to come back to their (grand-) fathers lands.


When KUFAN started to set up their organic farm, we closely cooperated with the National Army (UPDF) to ensure local security. This boosted the flow of people in the area. While KUFAN farm, was one of the 5 houses in Ng’oyo in 2014, now Ng’oyo counts more than 150 houses with building still ongoing.


The farmer community comes from different areas, and many Nothern Tribes are represented: Babukusu, Sebei, Gishu, Teso, Karimojong, Basoga, all do farming on different levels. Swahili is spoken by many, to overcome language barriers.

Agriculture & Tourism

Due to the available swamp in the area, ricefarming became a source of  income. Not everyone had a lot of knowledge on this, but the farmers learned from each other. KUFAN Organic stepped also in, and stimulates Organic Agricultural Practices. Next to that, KUFAN awares the community on the nature diversity and forest growing. So many trees were used for charcoal and firewood. But other uses of these trees are plenty. (See als ‘The trees of East Africa’).

To support economic activitiy in the area, KUFAN organic has started tourism activities. Hiking in Ng’oyo hills and even connecting to Kapchorwa mountains, gives more work opportunities for local knowledge. Birding and knowledge of traditional Medicine is shared with visitors. Which brings back respect for nature and culture to the local community.

Next to organic rice farming, KUFAN promotes local crops that are drought resistant for the savanna climate (next to the swamp). Conservation Agriculture is shown in the farms and crop variety is promoted. The crops grown in Ng’oyo are: variety of beans, sorghum, maize, sesame, millet, sweet potato, casava, eggplant, okra, hibiscus and greenleaf vegetables, sunflower and groundnuts. Tabacco, cotton and also wheat are tried on small scale.


The local government shows interest in the development of the region and have therefore created a sub-county. Kufan Organic Farm offers them an office in one of their premises.

The long term focus of KUFAN Enterprises is to set up a Farmers Association. The farm serves as a facilitator to bring local farmers together and to share knowledge and practices in an informal way. This process needs time and depends on many factors, e.g. trust through building relationships.

For more information about Nature conservation , please follow the link.