Our birding eco-experience

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Some birds start their songs at 4 am, some birds start singing at 5 am, and some birds get awake when the sun comes up around 6 am. While camping at the eco farm you can experience this all.

Hereby we offer you an idea of the many species of savanna and swamp birds that are available at the farm: but more species are detected every day.

Red-Cheeked Cordon Bleu: my favourite bird, possibly because of the bright blue color, or because of it’s name (that refers to a meat dish in Europe). In Tachoni language: Swiiswii. They even come to the table when we eat.. Because of the tree conservation we are doing in our farm, the head-count of the Swiiswii has multiplied itself by 10 since the start in 2014.

Fire Finch: small bird that is just always there… throughout the seasons. Loves the rice I guess. Female is more brown.


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