Welcome to KUFAN Organic Farm


Set in the grassy plains of Mount Elgon, Kufan Organic Farm is an oasis of greenery and wildlife. With the Karamoja Savannah to the East and the rice swamps fed by Kapchorwa’s waterfalls to the West, this farm is a haven for Organic Agriculture and Scenic nature.

The constant harmony of hundreds of songbirds accompanies the bleating of sheep and goats wandering in the cool breeze and warm sunshine. These create a perfect environment for the production of Organic products which feed a growing clientele all over Uganda.

It only stands to reason that from the flourishing Organic nature that surrounds the farm come tasty, healthy food products. Through relationships with neighbouring farmers, Kufan Organic Farm supplies her food stock and so seeks to develop the regional agriculture and livelihood. This community partnership is with the purpose of contributing to a profitable and sustainable agricultural industrial culture in this area bursting with organic agriculture and the potential to supply a great part of Uganda’s Organic Food demand. 

The farm also offers simple, quality accommodation and ecological Tourism. This, having created a serene hideaway from urban life and allowing a view into healthy, natural farm life. Nature Conservation is a priority at Kufan and the bird and plant haven that it has become is evidence of this.


Mision and Vision